You may recognize Molly Pop from one of the many bands she been in over the years or from her roll in the Dirty Dancing Musical. Either way, if you didnt know her before you know her now and will have a tough time forgetting her! An incredible voice mixed with an always entertaining stage performance. Molly Pop "brings it" at every show!!

88 Fingers
Another veteran of the Chicago band scene, 88 knows his way around a keyboard. With unparalled sounds and the ability to rap, 88 will leave you awestruck! Buy him a Jack and Coke and you've got a friend for life! He might even let you play with his "disco-stick"!
Will "the Thrill"
You'll need a high speed camera to catch a glimpse of WIlls flying fingers! Hailing from the Phillipines, Will has come to the states to rock your face off! He is banned from performing in bars with sensitive smoke detecters cause that boy is on FIRE!!
G - Spot
After sailing the seven seas G-Spot dropped anchor in the port of Chicago where he has dedicated his life to dropping phat bass lines. The ladies swoon when they see his little ass shaking on the stage. He also has a line of fruit energy bars coming to market soon: en-er-G-spot-bars! Yum!

The Spark
The Spark lays down the fresh beats that serve as the foundation on which the house of Candy is built. He uses a hybrid kit (a mix of acoustic and electronic drums) which helps add to the unique sound of Rock Candy. Feel that 808? Cant start a fire without a spark!